How to submit quality link that will drive traffic to your website

Everyone knows that backlinks to your website will increase its ranking and position on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Most people are trying to submit their website to thousands of web directories, forums, blogs and social media chanels thinking the more backlinks they build the better. In reality quantity doesn't count, what matter most is the quality. 
When it comes to building a good backlink network the most important thing you must avoid is

You should never resubmit same content

Some people use software to submit their links to thousands of directories using same title, description and meta tags. You may find the number of your backlinks increased, but you may also find your page rank unchanged, or more often your domain name listed as spam source on databases like DNSBL

How to submit quality backlink?

1. Pick good title for your listing

So why a good title is one of the most important things for your listing? Imagine I am looking to buy shoes, I open Google and type "Buy shoes near me" and hit search. Google will search their database to show me a list of results while the most relevant to my search would be the first on top. What 90% of people do including me at this point is quickly scanning the title of each result to find the one I think is most relevant to my search criteria. At this stage this is probably your first and last chance to grab my attention. You have only about a second to introduce your product, business or organisation before I move to next title. Avoid calling yourself "Best shoes shop" making assumptions on my behalf, leave this decision to me instead. I would rather want to see something like "Wide choice of quality shoes". What I am trying to tell you now is words like 'best' and 'cheapest' have to be based on my decision whether I think you are the best or the cheapest, not because you are telling me so. 

2. How to introduce your product, business or organisation in the description

Well done! You grabbed my attention and I clicked on your listing. Now what? You have another 10 to 15 seconds to convince me I've made the right choice by clicking on your listing. You got that right, just 15 seconds before I click back to see the search results and find a better match. Before I start reading your description I will scan your listing page again to make sure I've ended up on the right place. That being said misleading headlines and titles are worthless when trying to win more potential visitors.

A lot of researches show that people want to know what they can do with your product instead of what your product does. Don't worry if you didn't understand what I've said, I will explain this to you now. I was looking to buy a shoes and that's how I ended up here remember? Depending on the type of visitors you want to drive to your website or a shop, you can target them by work industry or sport activity interests. Let's say we go for the work industry. A good first line would be "Safety shoes for heavy duty workers. Genuine leather, oil resistant Caterpilar shoes with steel caps" I am selling a brand and a type of shoes here, but this is too specific right? We need to widen up our description, so we get more potential visitors and respectivly more sales right? Lets change the description a little bit to look something like this "We sell wide range of shoes for all your needs. Wheter you need a comfortable shoes for everyday use, your work in the office, heavy duty or bar industry we have you covered. You may also want to check our sports section if you are jogging, playing footbal, cricket or golf." You gave me enough information about the products you sell. Originally I was looking to buy a shoes for work, but since I need a new pair of runners I will definitely look into them as well. My point being is instead of calling it "best runners in town" or "cheapest runners arround" you are selling me comfortable shoes because this is what I want. I need shoes to feel comfortable with while running, working or playing golf. So focus on your potential visitor. Target them and give them what they really want by telling them how your product will make their life better instead of how great your product is.

Description would be also a great opportunity to give me more information about your contact details,  address and working hours. Possibly how many years you're on the market, and what is your return policy in case something goes wrong with my purchase. 

3. Adding meta keywords and description to your listing

Adding the meta title, keywords and description is also a very important step of your listing creation. By reading your meta info all search engines will find out what your listing is all about.
You have to select a keywords that are present in your listing description above, but you want to drive search engines attention to them and let them know that those are the keypoints of your listing. Pick your keywords carefully, but don't go too wild on them. Optimal amount should be something like 5 to 7 keywords max devided by comma. So pick the most important ones. Your meta description is normaly a part of your listing description that represents your listing better. This is the part you actually see as description when you search on google. Search engines are just a machines, they can read your content but they can't decide what's important. It is up to you to navigate them and tell them what are the important bits of your listing.